Sabbatical Officers

The five areas of responsibility are President, VP Education and Democracy, VP Welfare and Community, VP Sport and VP Activities.

Sabbatical Officers ensure that Union activities are continually being developed in order to allow more opportunities for you as students.

The VP’s also feed in to the political leadership of the Union which is disseminated from the President and all are representatives of the student voice; this means sabbaticals speak on behalf of students in University and External meetings to guarantee students are always being heard.

To make sure the right person is representing you in these positions, each year the Union holds an annual election. This is one of the biggest events of the year with all candidates bombarding the campus with posters, flyers, banners, freebies and crazy costumes in order to speak to you as students and let you know what they want to achieve for you. You then get to vote on the individuals you would like to see running the Union and representing you the following year.

The Manifesto (plan) of what this years elected officers are hoping to achieve can be found below:

President – Nick Johnson – Read manifesto

VP Education & Democracy – Carla Watton – Read Manifesto

VP Welfare & Community – Jamie Mitchell – Read manifesto

VP Sport – Elisa Kanagarajah – Read Manifesto

VP Activities – Orion Brooks – Read Manifesto