BUCS Documents

BUCS Teamsheet

Step by Step:

1: Fill in Teamsheet & email to thomas.harris@upsu.net on day before match
2: Print Out 2 copies & take both to match
3: Complete & get opposition to sign
4: Give 1 copy to opposition & keep 1 copy
5: Scan & email signed copy to thomas.harris@upsu.net on day of match

Medical Exemption Form

This is the BUCS Medical Exemption Form that you will need to fill out should one of your players be returning from a prolonged absence through injury and need to play in a team beneath what could be considered their ‘normal’ playing level.

Playing Under Protest Form

This is the BUCS Playing Under Protest Form, you need to take this form to all BUCS matches, just in case there should be a need for you to ‘Play Under Protest.’
This form should only be used in an emergency where a definite breach of BUCS Rules & Regs has occurred.

BUCS Officials Signature Form

This is the BUCS Officials Form, you need to take this form to any home fixture, where you intend to pay an official/ref/umpire/judge in cash. This form needs to be filled in, dated and signed by the relevant official/ref/umpire/judge in order for you to claim the monies back through your club account. This needs to have been signed off on your budget and can then be scanned and attached to the online paying out form which you can also find on the Committee Hubs section of this website. Without this form, any reimbursement cannot be processed.