Meeting with the Groups Team

Opening Times

Our opening times are as followed:

Monday: 10am-4pm (Booked meetings only)

Tuesday: Drop-in day (10am-4pm)

Wednesday: 10am-4pm (Booked meetings only)

Thursday: 10am-4pm (Booked meetings only)

Friday: Closed for paperwork processes


Please note that we do not work weekends and that we take our lunch breaks between 12pm-2pm. Please make sure that you have made contact with us by well in advance of the weekend as it is unlikely that any of your queries will be resolved after 4pm on Friday.

We will not meet with you on our days for booked meetings unless you have booked an appointment or that we are expecting you via email correspondence. Otherwise, do feel free to utilise our drop-in session or contact

Please make sure to knock on the door when you have arrived to a meeting, are expected via email correspondence or are utilising our drop-in sessions. We have confidential information in our office and so it is best practice to knock hard and wait for someone to come out to see you or until you are called in.

Booking Appointments

If you wish to book an appointment please follow this link to our appointment booking system which can also be reached outside the Activities Office on the iPad.

There are a few things that you need to know when booking appointments.

Firstly, these appointments are only for high-level enquiries that cannot be dealt with quickly in our drop-in sessions, via email or by looking it up on the committee hub.

Secondly, if you do believe that you need a meeting with a coordinator make sure you book it as far in advance as possible so that the coordinators know not to book anything over the slot you wish to attend. If you cannot attend any of the times listed, please email with your query or come to our drop-in sessions. If you need to speak with us as a matter of more urgency then please come to our drop-in sessions as we will not be able to deal with your query efficiently if you show up to our office on a day that already has prebooked meetings.

Thirdly, when booking appointments try your best to make sure you use your student group's login details and provide us with all of the information asked for in the description box. Make sure that what you wish to speak about in your meeting is clearly explained and somewhat detailed. If we believe that we are able to tackle a query via email we will opt to do this before accepting your meeting request as you may be able to get a quicker solution to your issue. More detail will help us do this and is you do not provide us with a description of what you wish to discuss then you will not be given a meeting and will receive an email back asking you to explain your query, making the process a lot longer for all parties involved. 

Lastly, please make sure that you are aware of what kind of tier group you are before booking an appointment. To check this out please see the section on 'The Three Tier System' under the 'Development' heading.