Adopt a Group

So you want to Adopt a Group... All groups that were active in previous academic years but do not currently have any committee members to lead them are available for adoption.

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  1. Adopt a Group process

The benefit of adopting a group is that they may have many of the resources, accounts and equipment already available – meaning you can get up and running much faster.

Adopt a Group here

Adopt a Group process

Adopting a Group is not as scary as it might sound.

Once you have completed the Adopt a Group form you will be notified your Group has gone to backers.

When you reach backers stage you will be provided with a link to circulate with all your friends to 'back' your Group. This does not mean they become members or have to be, its just means that they support your group enough to back it and vote it in.

We are here to support you and update you each step.

Once you have successfully reached backers (20 backers required) you will have successfully adopted the group and will be given access to the Groups resources.

Adopt a Group here