Starting A New Group

Whether you wish to start a new special interest group or sport not already catered for at UPSU, we can provide the resources to get a new a group on their way.

Starting a New Group process

Your first job is to check that the group doesn’t already exist, look here for our current Group List to see what group's we already have.
If someone is already doing that activity you can get in contact with them and get involved via their group page on the website.
If no-one is currently using your idea then great, you can carry on with the rest of the steps!

Next Steps
Now you need to complete the New Group Proposal Form on this page.

New Group Propsal Form

Your proposal for a new group will be reviewed and once approved you will be sent a link to gain at least 20 “backers” for the idea. 

On gaining 20 or more ‘backers’ your proposal will then be taken to the next  Zone and voted on by fellow students.
Once accepted you will have the full backing of the Students’ Union.

Ratifying your Group
• Prepare and give a five minute speech at  Zone
• The other group’ presidents’ vote on whether your idea is allowed to become a group.
• Once ratified you then need to have a meeting to set up your budgets, society email and get yourself set up on so that you can start taking on members.

Final Steps
• To be accepted as the official committee for a group you will need to host an Annual General Meeting (AGM), in which the members of your group are invited to vote on who they wish to run the group.
• Your team must consist of at least 2 positions for a free group, President and Secretary.

If you have any questions on how to start a Group or if you have filled out the paperwork please contact the current VP Activities
If you are a current Group that is looking to move into the Athletic Union please set up a meeting with the current VP Sports