The Union provides a fleet transport vehicles, primarily for the use of our student-led groups. This section provides information about how become an approved driver and how to book vehicles.

Transport: What, Who and How?

This section will give you all the initial information of what we provide, who is eligible to drive a minibus, how to become a driver and how to book transport.

The following pages will have more detailed information with regards to insurance, driver responsibilities and guidance for any faults, breakdowns or accidents.
It is in your best interests to read and understand this guide. If there is anything you want clarified, please contact the Students’ Union Activities Team, and they will be glad to help you.

Vehicles - Sizes and Prices

*SSD (Hire) Vehicles:*

• 14x seat minibus- £76.90 per day
• 9 seat minibus/people carriers- £72 a day
• 5 seat Peugeot 108- £31.80 a day
• 3 seat VW Van- £39 a day

*SSD Insurance costs:*

1 day - £19.60
2 days - £28.00
3 days - £42.00
4 days - £56.00
5 days - £70.00
6 days - £84.00
7-14 days - £98.00

*Please note, these costs do not include fuel.

Want to become a Minibus Driver?

First, you must;

• Have a clean UK/EU licence
• Be over 21 and been driving 2 years

If you the above applies to you, the next step is to;

• Complete and return an authorised drivers form
• Pass the Union’s online "driving test": with 90% or more

Lastly, you must;

• Complete our practical minibus driving assessment- contact ** to book.

How to Book a Vehicle

*Do not book if there are less than 14 days’ notice!*

Committee members can book vehicles using our "booking system":https://upsu.roombookingsystem...

• Select Date
• Select available vehicle and start time
• Complete drop box (if driver’s name is different to the person booking please add name and contact number of driver)

Activities will confirm or decline the booking depending on availability and requirements.