Points on your licence or insurance claims

Points on your licence

If, once you have passed your Minibus Assessment if you commit a driving offence and get points on your driving licence, or make any car / other vehicle insurance claims, then you MUST report these to the Activities Team as soon as possible. These will then be passed onto our insurance company to re-assess our ability to insure you. During this time you may not drive any Union vehicle. Any extra costs incurred are the responsibility of the driver. Failure to disclose any points on your licence or insurance claims gained whilst you hold a Union Minibus Licence will result in a ban from driving any Union vehicles. It will also mean that you are uninsured to drive our vehicles, and thus also risk prosecution – so please remember to be honest!

Union Insurance

Each vehicle has its relevant insurance details in the log book.
All drivers who pass the Students’ Union Minibus Assessment are covered fully comprehensively on the Students’ Union policy with Endsleigh Insurance. These policies only cover use of Minibuses/Vans/Cars on Students’ Union business.

Personal Property

The Union Insurance Policy does not cover theft of personal property from vehicles. Property left in the minibuses is at the owner’s risk.

Union Property

This includes society, sports club and facilities equipment. This is NOT insured whilst in an unattended minibus or van between 7pm and 8am and is only insured between 8am and 7pm when locked out of sight (i.e. In the back of the van). Never leave equipment unattended in Union vehicles overnight.