Collecting/Returning Vehicles

Collecting Vehicles

If it is a UPSU Minibus or an SSD Hire vehicle you will need to collect the keys from the Student Activities Office (upstairs in the Union) before 4pm on the day.

If you are leaving before 8am you will need to collect your keys the day before.


All of the Student Union vehicles take DIESEL fuel. Do not turn on the engine if the wrong fuel has been put in and your club/society will be fined!

The UPSU minibuses have a fuel card attached to the keys and must be used for the vehicle only! Refuel at any garage with an All-Star logo. You may get asked for the registration and current mileage upon paying. Place receipt in the pouch, ready to be returned.

SSD vehicle pay using your own card and keep the receipt to be claimed back later from the Society/club account.

Return vehicles with a full tank of fuel!

Returning Vehicles

Park in Ravelin car park (where you found the minibus)

Park in designated minibus spaces (in corner of car park)

Do not park over more than one space!!

SSD Vehicles: Scratch off parking permit and display in window

Keys: Return the pouch with paperwork and keys inside to the post box in Gun House.

Late return of vehicles, wrong location of keys or rubbish left in vehicles will be charged to the club/society!