Pre-Use Checks

Vehicle Pre-Use Checks

According to UK law, the driver of a vehicle is legally responsible for the mechanical condition of the vehicle. It is irrelevant whether the vehicle is owned, hired or borrowed.
This means that the Driver must complete the following safety checks the vehicle before the Minibus is used on public roads.

The following checklist can be found in all vehicle’s pouches and should be completed for every journey. Before you start the vehicle you must ensure that you have checked the following:

• There is adequate water and windscreen wash in the vehicle and that all windscreen wipers are fully functional.
• Windows are all suitably clean to ensure driver’s vision is not impaired in any way.
• Tyres are inflated to the right pressure and are free from cuts, punctures or cracks and the tread depths are acceptable (at least 1.6mm)
• All lights are clean and fully functional (headlights, rear lights, brake lights, indicators, hazard lights)
• Mirrors are clean and correctly adjusted.
• A first aid kit is available
• A fire extinguisher is in the bus
• Brakes and steering are fully operational and effective (ensure checked at the beginning of the journey, somewhere quiet or off road if possible, i.e. Car park)
• And please remember to record any damage to the vehicle; dents, scratches or similar, on the paperwork provided at time of collection.
• Small Bus Permit Present (and on display)

Informing Staff of Problems

If any of the above is unsatisfactory, you must inform the Activities Team immediately.This may be done by contacting 02392 843840/ 02392843669 between 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday,

If this is done before you use the vehicle, you will not be blamed! If you only report damage on your return, we will have to assume the damage was caused by you and fine/bill you!
You may not get an immediate response from this service, but you will have reported the fault and it will be dealt with the next working day.

If the vehicle is not in a satisfactory condition to use (i.e. bus not present, not road legal, etc.), you should still report the problem to the Activities Team between (9am – 5pm) Monday – Friday.

Vehicle Faults

What to do if the vehicle has a fault

Problems, which are not reported, may cause problems to others and minibuses in garages are of no use to anybody.

Fault before journey starts: Report the fault in the Vehicle pouches and immediately contact the Activities Team who will advise you whether it is safe to use the Minibus or not. Where using the allocated vehicle is unsafe, an alternative Union Minibus will be allocated to you wherever possible.

Fault during journey/trip: Please report any problems in the Log Book. Where it is a minor fault, ensure that you tell the Activities Team on your return.