Annual Members Meeting

The Union's Annual Members Meeting (AMM) is an opportunity for students to learn more about how the Union spends its money, approve affiliations to other organisations and ask elected officers questions about their achievements to date and plans for the year ahead.

Monday 3rd December from 12:30pm at the Union

How do I get involved?

The Annual Members Meeting is comprised of three important parts.

AMM Agenda

From Mon 19 November

The AMM agenda includes all of the items that will be heard at the AMM meeting on 3 December. 

The agenda is shared with members in advance for review and so that questions can submitted, in person at either the Roadshow or AMM meeting.

AMM Roadshow

Mon 26 - Fri 30 November

The AMM roadshow is held around campus the week before the AMM meeting.

At the roadshow you can speak to elected officers and staff about the documents going to the AMM meeting. 

You can also submit questions for the officers to answer at the AMM meeting.

AMM Meeting

Mon 3 December - At the Union

This is the main event where the items of the agenda will be tabled and members can take part in voting. 

This is where the documents below will be looked at and questions submitted at the roadshow will be answered. Students at the meeting can also ask questions.

If you can’t attend the meeting you can tune in online via the Union’s Facebook Page and vote at anytime during throughout the event.


Officer Video Reports

AMM Agenda and Documentation

UPSU Annual Members Meeting 2018

3rd December 2018, 12:30 - Third Space, The Students Union Building

Download AMM Draft Agenda

The Agenda is outlined below with further information and supporting documents, where relevant.

If you have any queries about the agenda and AMM processes, please email

1. Welcome & Housekeeping

2. Matters Arising

3. Approval of 2017 AMM Minutes

The minutes reflect the discussions and outcomes of a meeting. These particular minutes are a record of what happened at the 2017 AMM.

Read the associated documents. You are asked to approve the minutes at the meeting. If you feel there are inaccuracies, let the chair know when you are at the meeting.

4.1 Financial Reports (UPSU)

This document gives a breakdown of how the Students’ Union has spent funds throughout 2017/18. A brief overview is also provided with some key highlights. This document relates to charitable part of the organisation.

If you feel that the Union has been as transparent as possible about its spending, you are asked to approve the financial reports.

At the Roadshow: Speak to our officers at the roadshow, submit questions and find out more about how the Union spends it money.

At the AMM Meeting: Ask about anything you don’t understand and if satisfied with the responses vote to approve the financial reports.

4.2 Financial Reports (PSUT)

PSUT is Portsmouth Students’ Union Trading company. This is the business part of the organisation. All profits from PSUT go to the charity to help benefit students.

If you feel that PSUT has been as transparent as possible about its’ spending you are asked to approve the financial reports.

At the Roadshow: Speak to our officers at the roadshow, submit questions and find out more about how the Union spends it money.

At the AMM Meeting: Ask about anything you don’t understand and if satisfied  with the responses vote to approve the financial reports.

5. National Union of Students (NUS) Affiliation

The Union holds a full independent referendum once every three years. The last referendum took place in November 2016 with the next one due in late 2019.

In the 2016 referendum students were asked ‘Should UPSU be affiliated to the National Union of Students (NUS) 875 said Yes 250 said No.

At AMM you will be asked  ‘In the 2016 NUS Referendum students voted Yes to The University of Portsmouth Students’ Unions’ affiliation to the National Union of Students (NUS). Do you still agree with the outcome of this referendum?

UPSU pays an affiliation fee to NUS allowing the Union to shape the national union’s policy to help improve students rights at national level. This is done through lobbying parliament and cross working with fellow student unions to shape and influence opinion and focus on student issues. NUS also provides support for training and development of officers and staff and gives students access to a range of benefits via the NUS Extra Card.

The current membership fee for the 2017/18 academic year is  £43,332.22. This will be the approximate price for next year’s membership plus any inflationary costs.

You are asked to approve the Union’s continued affiliation to the NUS.

At the Roadshow: Submit questions to be asked at the big meeting around NUS affiliation

At the AMM Meeting: Ensure you take part in voting and participate in the debate about NUS Affiliation

6. Policy Lapse Discussion

The Policy Lapse discussion is a section of the meeting where we invite our members to voice their opinion on student ideas and Union Policy which is due to lapse this year.

UPSU has an online democratic platform called Have Your Say where students can submit ideas, campaigns, and policy to make changes and improve their student experience. Every two years we do a health check at AMM on the ideas to see if they are still relevant and are something that students still want UPSU to focus on or adhere to.

At AMM there is an opportunity to highlight past ideas, policy or motions that you feel UPSU should keep. You can look on our website to view all the Have Your Say ideas from 2015 (when the platform was launched) to the present. You can also look at our previous motions from other AMMs. 

There are two policies due to lapse at this year’s AMM. If you want either of them to be considered for approval you will need to email If you wish to speak about any of these in the meeting itself then you will need to let us know in the email. We will then put them to a vote at the meeting. To achieve this you must have contacted us by no later than midday on Monday 26th November.

We encourage you to read these policies before the meeting. A link can be found in the associated documents below. We ask that you identify the ones you feel are worth keeping and the ones you feel are no longer relevant.

Any policy lapse that you request a discussion on that does not get reviewed at AMM will be sent to the first UAB in the new calendar year and members will be invited to discuss and vote for it here rather than at AMM. As we have only two policies to discuss, this is unlikely to happen. 

At the Roadshow
Get updates from the Sabbatical Officers and UPSU staff on any progress regarding the policy lapse items. Or take this opportunity to voice your opinions.

At the AMM Meeting
The ideas/policies due to lapse will be available in the room and can be viewed throughout the meeting. You will be asked to vote to keep or remove the policy/idea.

Below are the policies & ideas have been requested to go to AMM:

A full list of our current student ideas, campaigns and policy can be viewed online on our Have Your Say (HYS) Platform.

7. Quiz - Round One

- Break -

8. Sabbatical Officer Reports

Sabbatical Officers and members of Union Actioning Body (UAB) will be providing an update on their progress and plans for the academic year. It is an opportunity for students to ask questions about their area of work.

At the Roadshow: Our officers will be out on the ground and you can ask them questions at the roadshow or you can submit questions to ask at AMM.

At the AMM Meeting: Listen to what our officers have to say about their progress and plans and ask any questions. There is no voting for this section.

9. UAB Introductions and Report

11. Quiz - Round Two

12. Voting Results

13. Meeting End