What is AMR?

Annual Members Review (AMR) is an opportunity for students to learn more about and question the work that we do. It focuses on two main areas:

Sabb Accountability

This looks at the performance of our elected Sabbatical Officers

Financial Reports

This looks at how the Union spends its money.

UPSU is a charity that exists for the benefit of its members; you. Every year we ask students to have their say on what we do. This allows us to ensure we are focusing on making your time at the University of Portsmouth the best it can be.

Is this new?

Previously we held the Annual Members Meeting (AMM): an event on campus with a physical vote. AMR is new for 2019. By creating a new online process, AMR is designed to allow all of our members to engage with what the Union does and why we do it in a far more accessible way.

What do I need to do?

We’ve gathered all the information you need below. Take a look and answer each question in the following sections. If you would like to speak to one of our officers they will be out on campus on Wednesday 27th November from 2 - 3:30pm in the University Library.

Part 1: Sabb Accountability

Sabbatical Officers are elected each year by students based on their manifesto, though they also work on student-led campaigns throughout the year. Below is a short video which summarises what they’ve been up to so far this year

You can also come along to The Library on Wednesday 27th November from 2 - 3:30pm to talk to the Sabbs in person.

Part 2: Financial Reports

We want to know whether you think we’re spending money in the right places. The Union is a registered charity and receives funding from the University to run it’s activities.

We also have a business part to the organisation: Portsmouth Students’ Union Trading (PSUT), which raises funds to help support the charity.

Financial Report Summary 2018/19

  • Total UPSU Income: £2,278,913 (£1,214,751 from UoP block grant).
  • Total UPSU Expenditure: £2,163,316.
  • £21.5k invested in enhanced digital and marketing support.
  • Investment in rebranding around Union Building.
  • £70.4k 13 was raised by students for good causes. This includes Breast Cancer Now (£2,301), Special Effect (£1,945), Will Houghton Foundation (£853) & Royal British Legion (£385).
  • £153k spent on representation activities including the Advice Service, Course Reps & Sabb Campaigns.
  • £39.9K spent on employing 49 student staff members.
  • NUS Affiliation = £45.1k - Please note: As a result of the 2019 NUS Referendum UPSU membership of NUS ends on 31st December 2019.

As a charity any excess money that is not spent is either ring fenced for major projects (this tends to be infrastructure, building upgrade/maintenance or long term projects) or is put into reserves. As a charity it is essential we have reserves. This is money safely stored away in the event that UPSU was to have it’s funding reduced or withdrawn. The current reserves policy requires us to have a minimum of 200k. Current reserves are at £394,392. You can read the accounts summary and full reports for 2018/19 above.

What happens next?

The Sabbatical Officers will look at the responses and questions that you have submitted and provide feedback. Their responses will be published on this page on Monday 27th January 2020.