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Portsmouth’s best student broadband deals

There are plenty of broadband offers out there for Portsmouth students, so it can get pretty overwhelming trying to pick out the best provider for your student house this summer.

It's important to know exactly what you're getting with each deal (and at what cost!) before signing up to anything. This is our handy guide to the best value student broadband deals for Portsmouth students.

Virgin Media

According to our research a whopping 72% of Portsmouth students use Virgin Media as their internet service provider. Theoretically over the course of the a year Virgin Media is the most expensive broadband provider for students (costing around £404 per year) but that does include TV, a router and phone line. Virgin Media also offer a 9 month student deal which we can’t see any other providers offering.

Up to 100Mbps Unlimited

Student contracts from 9 months

£33 per month including line rental and TV


Next on the list is BT, with 5% of Portsmouth students using a BT services to get their online needs sorted. BT is probably best for those who like to call home at the weekend or live in an area where Virgin Media is not an option. Their unlimited broadband and free weekend calls package is good value at around £100 less than Virgin Media per year - for a house of 4 that’s a saving equivalent to a night out at Nando's each.

Up to 17Mbps Unlimited

12 month contracts

£18.99 per month including line rental


Surprisingly only 2% of Portsmouth students use Sky to connect to the world wide web. Bottom line is they offer the most affordable package we could find at just over £250 per year including set up costs. It’s a no-frills kind of package but when you just want to get online it’s not a bad option to consider.

Up to 17Mbps unlimited

12 month contracts

£26.99 per month including line rental


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