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Are you worried about how you’ll cover the basics?

According to NUS, nearly half of students in the UK don't know how they'll afford essential groceries such as bread and milk and roughly the same amount are worried about how they will cover their course material costs.

Shakira Martin, NUS President, says that student finances are in a 'desperate state,' with 43% of students worried about transport costs to and from uni and to visit home.

Luckily for us in Portsmouth, in 2016 we topped the Student Living Index by Natwest for the most cost-effective city. Regardless, what can you do to make your money go further? 

Well, you may not know, but with an NUS Extra Card, you will get 10% off in every Co-op in Portsmouth, making your food shopping more affordable! You can also get 10% off Uni-Bulk-Buy with NUS Extra, ensuring all your household basics are covered.

To make traveling home, or anywhere else in the UK cheaper, you can also get 20% off National Express, 10% off MegaBus and 25% off advanced train tickets with Grand Central and NUS Extra.

Finally, course costs can sometimes be a little overwhelming. But to offer a helping hand, you can currently get 15% off artists materials with WHSmiths and NUS Extra - brilliant for CCI students, or just anyone feeling a little creative! For all your textbooks, NUS Extra gives you six months FREE Amazon Prime membership followed by 50% off membership for the rest of the year. Amazon Prime Student gives you 10% off thousands of textbooks and other essential items that you can check out: 

For just £12 a year an NUS Extra card will cost you just £1 per month and save you a small fortune, making university a more affordable experience - the only thing you should have to worry about is getting a first in every unit! You can buy your NUS Extra card from the Union Shop and have it printed whilst you wait or online.

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