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Six bike safety tips you need to know

For those of you who cycle to and from university, winter can be a dangerous time. We've spoken to your VP Welfare and Community, Anita Butler, for some advice on keeping safe on your bike this winter.

In 2015 Portsmouth had more bike thefts and accidents than any other city in the UK (outside of London). 4,500 people per million experienced bike thefts and 888 people per million were victim to death or serious injury as a result of a bike accident.

1. Always lock your bike

Around campus there are various places where your bike can be securely locked up. Locking your bike up in a busy and well-lit area should discourage any potential cycle thieves from trying to take your bike.

2. Use a good lock

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A D-Lock is the best kind of lock you can get for your bike, preferably in tandem with a flex lock around your wheels. Ensure you get the best for your money, look for a Kryptonite D-Lock, which is very highly rated amongst bike enthusiasts. This D-Lock and 4ft flex lock can be bought together on amazon prime for just £23.99.

3. Wear good protective gear

Whilst it is not a legal requirement to wear a helmet, the British Medical Association advocates their use for chances of survival following a bike accident. A bike helmet is all about personal preference and comfort, so it may be difficult to buy the right one online. It is essential that your helmet has removable, machine washable padding as well as being a good fit; best way to find one is in store.

4. Don’t use your phone whilst cycling

No meme is worth risking your life for. Using your phone whilst cycling is incredibly dangerous and could lead to you being charged with ‘riding without due care and attention’. 

5. Insure your bike

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Endsleigh offer bike insurance under many contents insurance plans, for only a small amount, depending on the value of your bike, you can have next 24 hour replacement of your bike, meaning you won’t be stuck on the bus for very long! 

6. Put yourself before your bike

If you should see someone try to steal your bike, or someone else's bike. do not engage with them and put yourself at risk. Try to take photos or note down a description of the person from a distance and report to the police. If someone has tried to tamper with your locks, make sure you try your best to remove your bike as they may be planning on coming back later.

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