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Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Have you been planning your trip away with friends? If so here's a few things to consider when it comes to insuring all goes to plan.

The end of term is here - it’s time for a girls trip, whether you are partying in Marbs or Ibiza, shopping in New York or Dubai, or relaxing by the pool in Greece, here is everything you need to know before you go!

Women made 62% of travel claims in 2017, and 22-year-olds made 63% of insurance claims - so if you happen to be going away on a girls holiday to celebrate graduation, the chances of someone claiming in your group is very high! 

1. Make sure you have travel insurance with Endsleigh.​

Endsleigh is the no.1 student insurance provider recommended by the NUS, to ensure you aren’t left out of pocket if you do need to claim. Ensure you are aware of your claims limits and what is covered, and make sure you bring a copy of your travel insurance documents with you.

2. Pre-book your airport transfers.

Getting in a taxi can be very risky abroad, not only because of the price you may pay but for your safety and security. For a little extra, you can pre-book your airport transfers for peace of mind and you know you will get to your hotel in one piece. Also, book excursions with your travel agent; booking on holiday may be cheaper, but again, may not be the safest trips you could go on!

3. Make sure someone at home knows where you are staying.

Ideally, make sure that someone at home has a copy of your passport number. If something were to go wrong, they might be able to help coordinate support from home. Whilst being incredibly popular tourist destinations, Thailand, Chile, and USA are the three countries where you are most likely to make an insurance claim so heightened awareness is crucial.

4. Only buy alcohol from your hotel or reputable bars and shops.

Whether all-inclusive or just in a local bar, many countries don’t have strict weights and measures when it comes to alcohol legislation as in the UK. Furthermore, unregulated alcohol can also be a massive issue in some countries.  Remember to familiarise yourself with the signs, symptoms and treatment of alcohol poisoning.

Lastly, remember to have fun! Who knows how many girls holidays you might have - but be safe! Endsleigh offer a fantastic range of travel insurance policies to cover you no matter what you need.

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