The year ahead

What to expect as a third year

Every year of university is filled with new experiences and expectations of what's to come, here's what to expect going into your third year.

There's just one more year left, you're almost there! Third year of university comes with a number of challenges that can be daunting, but the rewards are worth it.

1. Feeling more prepared

It's the final year of your undergraduate degree, by now you may have already mastered the student lifestyle. You've already achieved so much since your first year, from succeeding at that difficult deadline and building the specialist knowledge of your degree to knowing your way (mostly) around the city.

2. Freshers Flu

With re-visiting the excitement of Freshers week, there is always the chance of Freshers flu striking for another year. Remember to re-stock some medicine and if it gets worse to make an appointment with the doctors.

3. Dissertation

With the final year of university comes either a final project or dissertation, a showcase of everything you've learned during your degree. It can be a scary task, but it's the time to be able to study your own personal passions. Remember to start early by talking to your tutor and using that guidance throughout the year.

4. The library will become your second home

With all of the resources directly at hand the library becomes a home away from home when you need to get some studying done - especially around your final year project. Try not to spend all night studying though, it's not healthy and will effect your motivation in the long run.

5. Procrastination station

There is always the temptation to put work to the side for a bit to clean the kitchen just one more time, or have a quick scroll through your social media. Set aside time specifically to study, it doesn't have to be in the library or even at a desk, but can be wherever you are motivated and comfortable and won't get distracted.

6. Asking for help

There's no shame in asking for help. Whether it's a question about an assignment to your supervisor or a good talk with your parents to clear your mind, if you need help just ask - there's always someone to listen.

7. Real friendships

Not all friendships will last all the way through university. You may find yourself spending more time with different people than you did in first year, but friendships through your third year will last a lifetime.

8. People asking ‘what’s next?’

People are naturally curious and you'll find asking about your plans after university. It's fine to not know the answer to that yet, especially with the range of options open to you. With graduate schemes, the world of work, postgraduate study or even taking some time out and going travelling there are many different opportunities to get involved with.

9. Graduation

At the end of it all is your graduation, one of the biggest celebrations of all your hard work over the last few years. The sense of achievement and relief makes it all worth it. You'll be a graduate. Congratulations!

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