Your new home

Making Portsmouth your home

Being a part of Portsmouth is exciting, whether you're new to the city, or returning back for the new term. Now we are all members of the communities in which we live, so take pride in your neighbourhood - it's your home while you're here.

Becoming independent and moving into your own place with your friends is one of the most exciting parts of university. With these new experiences is can be easy to forget that now you're part of a community within Portsmouth. Here are a few ways to maintain good relationships with the community and respect the city that's now you're home.

Get to know your neighbours

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbours and build a positive relationship. This will help to create and sense of community and makes it much easier to resolve any issues in a friendly way.
  • Respect is a simple thing. Respect your neighbours and remember that their living patterns may differ from yours, regardless if you're in halls or private accommodation.

Be noise aware

  • Most student housing has adjoining walls, meaning that noise can travel. Try to remember this when you're at home, with some easy solutions like avoiding slamming doors or shouting.
  • Try and position televisions or speakers away from connecting walls to reduce noise.
  • After a great night out with friends try and keep your voice down when you're coming home, your neighbours may already be in bed.

Manage your waste

  • Recycling in Portsmouth can be different from how it works from where you're from. Visit the Portsmouth City Council website to find out more.
  • Find out when your bins are collected to avoid a large build up of waste and put them out the night before. Also remember to bring them back in the next day.

Be a good neighbour

  • If you're having a party just let your neighbours know in advance. Try to limit house parties to a Friday or Saturday when people are less likely to be busy the next day.
  • Respect peoples property, things like fences, walls or even parked cars. Causing damage to another person's property is a criminal offence.
  • If you're neighbours do complain, respond politely and take responsibility if you have done something wrong.

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