Black History Month

Powerful films providing a window into Black History

As part of Black History Month, Portsmouth Film Society are putting on a series of showings in Eldon building throughout October.

Black History Month is a time where people come together to reflect on black history and to celebrate inspiring individuals from black communities. There are various events taking place across the University to celebrate Black History Month, one of those being the Portsmouth Film Festival.

Film can be a fantastic way to bring history to life, allowing viewers to gain a fresh understanding into people's lives. The next two films being shown as part of Black History Month are Jemima & Johnny and Themba, The Boy Called Hope. Find out more about these films below.

Jemima & Johnny (1996)

Wednesday October 17th at 7:30pm in Eldon Building

This short film is set in West London in a community divided by racism. A white English boy makes friends with the daughter of a recent Caribbean immigrant, five year old Johnny is the son of a white nationalist and Jemima the daughter of a Caribbean family. In their childhood innocence they immediately form a bond defiant of prejudice. 

Themba, The Boy Called Hope (2010) 

Wednesday October 25th at 7pm in Eldon Building

The film series closes with the screening of Themba (2010) with themes of dream, football and migration, this film is also part of the Journeys International Festival in Portsmouth, highlighting the plight of refugees.

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