Staying warm

Surviving the cold in your student house

With autumn here and winter right around the corner, here are some of our top tips to efficiently deal with the cold without breaking the bank.

The echo of mum and dad telling you to put on a jumper are finally starting to make sense as the weather has started to turn colder. With Christmas right around the corner, the last thing you want to think about is your gas bill. Here are some of our tips to save you money and keep your house nice and cosy. 

Put that jumper on

It's all too easy to put on the heating when you're feeling chilly. Though do you really need to heat the whole house, or would putting a jumper on be better? Energy prices are forever climbing so it's easy to be caught unaware of how much your using. If you use radiators as a final option you'll be thankful when your energy bill comes through. 

Put your heating on a timer

There will come a point where it's impractical to stay under the duvet to stay warm. Getting up and getting changed first thing in the morning in the cold weather might not be the most enjoyable task. If you put your heating on a timer so it warms before you get up and for when you get home from class for just half an hour will be your saviour. There's no risk of forgetting to turn it off and it being on all day or night, saving you more money for the next Purple Wednesday. 

Come and visit the Union

There are lots of different spaces in the Union where you can relax or use as a study space, from the Huddle with special hammocks and equipment as well as Third Space where you can borrow laptops. All of the areas in the Students' Union also has free heating and wifi, so you can stay warm while you study. 

Keep the house secure

Keeping doors and windows closed is a good way to keep the heat inside. It also starts the good habit of making sure that the house is secure. If you're away for long periods of time like over the Christmas break it's important that the house is protected. Student houses can be a target for burglaries over the holidays. Even if you know there aren't any valuables left in the property, leaving the window open could invite unwanted visitors. 

Keep the property well ventilated

There are small things you can do to prevent condensation and as a result mould growing as much as possible. Where the walls will be colder, when hot air hits them you are inevitably going to get more condensation. Try to dry washing outside as much as possible, keep the kitchen door closed when you are cooking and keep the bathroom window open a tiny crack when you have a shower. If condensation does form on surfaces, always wipe away the moisture as much as you can. 

Bleed your radiators

When you do put your heating on, you want to make the most of it. Sometimes air can get trapped in the radiators and so they do not heat up very well. You can bleed the radiators quite easily by turning a valve. Make sure you do this with a little container or cloth to catch any drips. If you don't know how to do it, you don't have to yourself. Just ask your landlord, as you are well within your rights to request they send a maintenance expert to do this for you. 

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