Student Housing

First steps for organising your next student accommodation

Despite what you might hear through the grapevine, there is no rush to secure your student accommodation until January. There are, however, a few things that you can be thinking about in the meantime.

​1. Who you want to live with

You might know your current uni friends pretty well by now but there's probably a lot that you don't know yet too. Try having an open conversation with them about things that might be important for you when considering a housemate. Here's a few things we would suggest thinking about:

  • Do you have common interests such as music, cinema, sport etc?
  • Do they have any bad habits which could annoy you over time? E.g. Smoking, laziness, poor hygiene.
  • What is their attitude towards housework?
  • Are they a night owl or an early bird?
  • How sociable/private are they? Does this mirror what you are looking for in a housemate?

2. Work out how much you can afford

It's important to consider, not only how much your rent will be but other bills that you might end up paying each month. Below are just a few of the additional bills that you might have to pay:

  • TV license
  • Gas, Electric and Water bills
  • Internet 
  • Digital TV
  • Contents insurance
  • Council tax
  • Food

3. Planning where in the city you want to live

Knowing which area of the city you'd like to live in will help when visiting an estate agents or thinking about whether it would be easier to live in student halls. Things to consider about the area you choose:

  • Is it on the bus route or within walking distance to uni?
  • How close is the nearest supermarket?
  • Do you feel comfortable in the area you're visiting?
  • Are there things about an area that you particularly like or don't like?

Finding a house doesn't have to be a chore! Good luck!

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