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Five sportswomen who inspire us

As part of This Girl Can week, we've asked UPSU staff which sportswomen most inspire them and why.

1. Paula Radcliffe

Anna Clodfelter, Chief Executive of UPSU, said: "I chose Paula Radcliffe for a number of reasons. Firstly, her work ethic inspires me. Secondly, her sense of duty as a role model for women in sport at all levels and setting aspirations for performance for those with asthma. Also she advocates having a good laugh too - I like that!"

2. Jessica Ennis-Hill

Lucy Offer, Projects Lead, said: "Jessica Ennis-Hill inspires me because she's an awesome competitor. She achieved gold at the 2012 Olympics, despite the immense pressure she must've been facing being 'the face' of the London Olympics." 

3. Ellie Simmonds

Leanne Sheill, Communications Lead, said: "Ellie works incredibly hard to succeed in her sport and is determined to make sport more widely accessible. She was the youngest British athlete to compete in the Beijing summer Olympics in 2008 and at 14 years old, she was also the youngest ever person to be awarded an MBE. 

4. Katherine Switzer

Clare Teweksbury, Student Groups Coordinator, said: "Katherine Switzer was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon officially at a time when women were still not allowed to take part. There is a famous picture of Katherine being harassed on the course by the race director who tried to pull her out of the race while she was running!"

5. Bobbi Gibb

Clare Teweksbury, Student Groups Coordinator, said: "Bobbi Gibb pushed the boundaries of long distance running for female runners. Bobbi was the first woman to run the entire Boston Marathon (unofficially). It's thanks to Bobbi and Katherine that marathons are accessible for women now."

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