Next steps to securing your perfect student house

January s is the perfect time to begin your search for your next student accomodation. Here are some tips on where to start...

If you came to the Union's Housing Fair in December, you'll be aware of the first things to do when starting your next student accommodation search. First things first, you should:

  • Find people to live with
  • Work out your budget
  • Decide where in the city you'd like to live

Ticked all those boxes? Here's what to do next...

1. Come to Housing Fair 2

Attending Housing Fair 2 is the best way to hit the ground running when it comes to finding the perfect student house. Come along to the Union on the 25th of January to speak to a range of estate agents and landlords about what you're looking for. There's also free pizza (what's not to love?). 

2. Look online

Make sure you look at a wide range of properties before deciding where you want to live. Try looking online and keeping in contact with estate agents that you met at Housing Fair 2.

3. Organise house viewings

If you like a house enough after speaking to an estate agent at Housing Fair 2, you can organise to view that property there and then. If you're not quite sure, try calling them after to arrange a viewing. 

Top tip: Arrange a viewing for a date and time that all of your housemates can make, to ensure you're all happy with property you choose. 

4. Keep up communications

Found the property for you? Make sure to keep up communications with your estate agent and housemates. Awnsering emails quickly and keeping everyone in the loop is the secret to success! 

Happy house hunting!

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