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Living away from home for the first time can be tough, whether it's disagreeing about whose turn it is to take out the bins, or finding it hard to reach an agreement in your committee, meet our student volunteers who can help to 'Sort It Out'.

Sort It Out is a restorative service run by student volunteers supporting members of the student community in repairing relationships. The team creates a safe and neutral environment to let people have open conversations about any conflict they may be having. 

Meet the Team

Liam Kelly 
Chief Operating Officer

I joined the Sort It Out service as through my time at university I have seen various instances of conflict and dispute where resolution seems impossible for both parties to reach a resolution alone. I strongly believe in the Sort It Out service being able to assist students and teach individuals a more productive way to handle conflict. My role as a student mediator has taught me about different people and how various attitudes and positions can coexist.

Lily Meredith
Director of Communication

I am taking part in Sort It Out because I wish I had used the service when I had several issues over the last few years! I like my role as a student mediator because I think I can understand the pressures of university and the several hurdles that come along with this.

Sarah Whitehorn
Chief Executive Officer

I joined the Sort it Out team because I enjoy helping others through difficult times and believe services like this work. From this experience I have gained stronger communication and organisational skills which will aid me during my studies and after my graduation.

Rawan AlSawad
Director of Finance

Being a student mediator at Sort It Out has been a great experience for me. I am now able to look at a problem and resolve it by separating both the emotional and factual aspects of it, while considering the needs of all parties involved. Being part of the Sort It Out team has exposed me to opportunities that I would not have been given otherwise, like being our teams Director of Finance. Finally, working alongside the Sort It Out team has taught me that successful results are achievable when collaborating effectively with others, which has helped me value and develop my team building skills immensely.

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