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Cooking at University

When you're living on a student budget, money can be a little tight, though eating healthily doesn't necessarily have to mean breaking the bank. Check out our top tips on cooking healthy meals.

A diet of pasta or instant noodles can get boring pretty quickly, but with a few quick and affordable tips transform meal times in a way that can keep both your wallet and body feeling healthy.

Saving spices

Boosting flavour can cost very little but give you a lot of taste. Using stock cubes, salt, pepper, dried herbs and even chilli powder are all cheap store cupboard essentials to brighten up any dish. Also, spices last for months, so you don’t worry about having to replace them for a while.

Keeping it simple

Don’t waste your money with fancy kitchen kit, a good sauce pan, frying pan and a casserole dish or slow cooker can go a long way! Many one-pot meals can be made slowly over the day and mean less than washing up. 

Meat-free Mondays?

Trying having a vegetarian night once a week, using alternatives like kidney beans, tofu or even meat-free substitutes like Quorn can be really effective in lowering food costs and being a healthy alternative. 

Save your leftovers

Rather than throwing away any left over food if you’ve cooked too much, save the left overs in an air-tight container. With left overs from dinner you get an easy lunch for the next day, or store it in the freezer for a hassle-free meal later on. 

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Keep it clean

It sounds obvious but food hygiene is really important. Wash your hands before you cook and store food at the right temperature to stop it from spoiling. 

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