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Avoiding exam misconduct

Assessment period can be a stressful time, especially with exams right around the corner. As part of exams there are a certain code of conduct that you have to follow so check out our top tips on how to avoid exam misconduct.

Be 15 minutes early

Being a little early to your exam means not only will you definitely be on time, but you'll have a few minutes to use the bathroom before you go into the exam, check your equipment and get settled. 

Bring your student card.

You need to have your Portsmouth student ID card, or you won't be allowed into your exam. 

Follow the invigilators instructions

If any of the instructions are unclear, just ask. 

Remain seated

If you have a question or need to leave the room, just raise your hand and wait until an invigilator comes to you. 

Use your student number

Put your student number on every booklet or piece of paper you use. It will make sure that everything you write and use will be counted. 

Check beforehand

Before your exam check whether specialist equipment like calculators or notes are allowed into the exam hall. 

No phones

No mobile phones or smart watches should be taken into the exam room. If you are found with one you can face disciplinary even if you have not used it.

Keep everything clear

If you bring a water bottle or pencil case, make sure that they are see-through.

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