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Five study tips we’ve learnt from Game of Thrones

It's nearing the end of the final season of Game of Thrones (cries) but that can only mean one thing...

You know it, it's also nearing the end of exams. To help you a little along the way, we've taken some tips from our favourites on the tv screen.

1. Samwell Tarly style

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You can't go wrong with following in the footsteps of Westeros' biggest bookworm.

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2. If that isn’t working…

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Take on a bit of Sam's rebellious side. What can you do differently to get the information you need?

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3. Find a Bran

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Have one of those people in your lectures that just seems to know everything? Make friends with them and revise together. 

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4. Think of the bigger picture

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Having a bad week? Try not to let things get you down. Think about how far you've come and the skills you used to get you to where you are today - can you draw on any of that now? 

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5. Bring it on

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Uni can sometimes feel like (what we imagine) riding a dragon would feel like. Enjoy the ride, and remember you've got the ultimate weapon - you! 

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