Get ready for Graduation in 30 minutes

Take the stress out of Graduation Day by following these tips!

The worst has happened. You've slept through your alarm and you’re due to cross the stage in less than an hour. Oh. No.


Panic not! Plan ahead and make getting ready for Graduation a breeze!

Like Scar singing to a horde of hyenas, Be Prepared is the best motto to have, so follow these simple tips to make Graduation Day as easy as possible.

Get your clothes out the night before

It sounds like a really simple tip (especially as you’re probably not choosing your outfit on the day), but having everything you need to get ready to hand makes life so much easier. Underwear, socks, suit/ dress, shoes… check. Lay it out and think about any accessories you might want to wear as well (ties, cufflinks, bags, belts, etc.)... double check. This will save you running around looking for anything last minute.


Shower in the evening

The great divide - morning or night showers?

In this case, I vote to shower the night before. You’d hate to wake up and not have enough time to shower before the ceremony, would you? Especially if you want to shave, exfoliate and go all out. Make an evening of it and treat yourself to some self-care - have a bubble bath! If you’re worried about your hair, change your bed sheets and spray a little dry shampoo in the morning. If you’re in a pinch for time, a five minute body shower in the morning is much better than a whole routine!


Pack your bag

If you know you’re going to need stuff throughout the day, think ahead and pack a bag the evening before and leave it by the door ready to go. Pack tissues (for the inevitable tears), water bottle (or leave a note to remember to get it out of the fridge), your spare pair of shoes (or plasters if you’re not bringing spare shoes), and a snack. Trust me on this one.


Cut down your care routine

Okay, so you’re running late, maybe this isn’t time to try and perfect your cut crease, or that perfect Justin Bieber hair swish. Don’t stress, just stick to the basics; a coat of mascara, a little lip colour, and run a brush through your hair. If you feel comfortable pulling off the no makeup look, rock it. If you think your hair will be too flat under the cap, add a little hairspray or some product.  

The most important thing about Graduation is enjoying yourself - not if your eyeliner is on fleek. 


Eat on the go

If you’re running late, don’t feel tempted to skip the breakfast. Grab a bar or a biscuit on the go. Even a slice of toast will do. What you don’t want is to feel faint crossing the stage or on your third glass of prosecco to then realise you haven’t had a morsel all day! Thank me later!


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