Preparing for your First Lecture and Seminar

Now that you’ve had all your inductions, you’ll be jumping into Uni life.

Know where you are going

Take a look at the uni map and work out which building you’re going to. In my first year, I had a friend go into Guildhall, thinking it was Park Building, and only realising when no one else turned up for the lecture and someone was on a tour *awkward*.

Check Moodle

All your module information, reading lists and course guides will be on Moodle! Read what assessments you will have, what reading you need to do and what will be covered in each lecture. Check it out and feel like top of the class and super prepared.

Be on Time

Trust me, you don’t want to be the one turning up 10 minutes late, iced coffee in hand, to a lecture hall with a hundred students staring at you and an unimpressed lecturer giving you daggers. Get out of bed 10 minutes early, get that caffeine fix and get there on time.

Scan your Card

The University now uses this as a way to monitor your attendance - so best scan your card! There will be a box on the wall just outside your lecture hall or classroom for you to scan your card - it takes a second as you walk into the room and you’re done!

Get Everything you Need

Pen? Check. Notebook? Check. Laptop? Check. What do you like to use to take notes? Whatever you choose, make sure you are ready for the lecture and the seminar - if you use your laptop, make sure it has enough battery, as some lecture theatres don’t have plug points near seats. If there’s some materials you need to bring, make sure they’re ready the night before.

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