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Balancing University and a Job

Our guide for balancing your time with work and uni.

As Christmas draws closer, suddenly you realise your student loan won’t stretch to the last few Purple Wednesdays and Christmas presents for your friends and family. Adverts pop up in shop windows and you start to wonder if you should pick up a part time job. 

You can hand in your CV to these places or, you can head to the Careers and Employability Service on Guildhall walk,  but the main thing to keep in mind when searching for your new job, is how to balance your hours with your uni work.

When applying for your job, you should mention that you are currently studying. Most employers recognise this means that you will need certain days or hours off to attend lectures each week, but also there will be occasions where you will need to take holiday to work on your deadlines. Keep your manager informed and always give as much notice as possible, so they can make arrangements to cover you. 

Organising your time will be incredibly important to make sure you give yourself enough time to earn that dollar and get that degree. Always be sure to add your shifts to your calendar and update them if they change. You need to set time aside for your reading and work that you need to do each week for uni, as well as extra time for hand ins and deadlines.

When you have less time to study and do work, this is when you have to study smart. Work out when you can work, and what works best for you. If you have a lecture at 11am and you’re free in the morning, head in early and go over the reading. Read your notes on your way into work, or on your lunch break. Planning ahead is the best way to make sure you stay on top of everything, and the more time you give yourself to do work and get organised means that if you do have to go in to cover a shift, or help out, you are still able to finish that essay too!

Finally, remember to look after yourself. It can be tempting to take as many shifts as possible to fit in around uni, but you have to remember to take time to relax and unwind, or you might find yourself suffering from burnout. Meet up with friends, have a movie night in or have a night out! You deserve a break - you’ve earned it!


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