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Eight icebreakers you’ll want to try as a fresher

Freshers is a great time to meet new people, but it can be tricky to initiate conversations when getting to know someone for the first time. Here's some icebreakers that you won't regret trying.

1. Introduce yourself

Make sure to introduce yourself to your flatmates, whether that's by knocking on their door or bumping into them in a communal area.

2. Explore the city

Historic Dockyard

Exploring the city with your new uni friends can be a fantastic way to get to know each other. Search for the best places to do your food shop, find out where your inductions will take place and even start a list of places you'd like to socialise together!

3. Keep your door open

Leaving your door open lets people know that it's ok come in and have a chat. It's also good opportunity for them to find out more about you. Playing your favourite music (not too loud!) and putting things around your room helps to show a bit of personality and can generate conversation. 

4. Come prepared with a party trick

Party tricks can be a perfect way to break the ice with new people. Perhaps don't try a headstand, unless you're already a pro! Try starting with something simple, party tricks can range from being able to touch your nose with your tongue to showing off your moonwalking skills. 

Don't have anything yet? Check out these party tricks to add to your repertoire, but make sure to be careful if trying them out!

5. Socialise

Try new things around the city with your friends. Socialising doesn't have to mean going out and drinking, there's loads to do in Portsmouth! Think outside the box and invite those around you to come along too. 

6. Play games

If you're looking for a fun game that isn't centred around drinking, try 'Who Am I?'. 

How to play: Download the app for free on your phone or play the old school way with sticky notes on your forehead. Simply choose a person or character, write it on the sticky note and stick it to your friends forehead without them seeing, they can then start guessing. 

This game can be an easy way to find out more about your new friends. Perhaps they have the same favourite film as you and they guess the character you chose straight away! Alternatively, they may have limited knowledge about something you're interested in and you can make it your new mission to teach them everything you know.

7. Offer to cook

This ice breaker is maybe best left to those who are confident in the kitchen, but there's no harm in giving something simple a try if you're not a natural chef. 

Food is a perfect way to get people together (who doesn't love food, right?!). Show off a cultural dish to your new uni friends or cook something you know you will all love. Enjoying a meal together is a great way to socialise and to find out more about each other's backgrounds. 

8. Have a movie night in

Grab the popcorn and tune into a good movie with your new uni friends. Be open to watching new things with them, you might even find new things that you like!

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