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10 rules broken by every fresher

University is an adventure for both new and returning students, where lessons aren’t always taught in the lecture theaters. Here are some of the unofficial rules that are most often broken by Freshers.

The excitement of starting university and the buzz of Freshers’ week often means that the smaller details of student life can get overlooked. This is especially easy when it’s your first time living away from home. Here are a few tips to help you along.

1. Pay attention for the whole lecture.

Lectures are a big part of university and while it may be tempting to nap through a few of your 9:00am starts, it’s essential to pay attention. Try these few tips to stay focus

  • Leave your phone in your bag rather than on your desk to avoid distraction. 
  • Choose a seat near the front, you’ll be able to hear the lecturer more clearly and avoid being distracted by other people.
  • Try audio recording your lectures, not only is it a powerful tool for note taking but also for later revision. Though remember to get permission from the lecturer beforehand.

2. Washing your bed sheets. More than once a year.

As we spend almost a third of our lives in our beds, it’s necessary to change your bed sheets regularly. A 60°C wash every couple of weeks will keep your bed linen clean and hygienic.

3. Eat before a night out.

Going out on a night out is a big part of student life but it’s important to stay safe and look after yourself. Eat before you go out, not only does alcohol have no nutritional value but having food will help prevent getting too drunk too quickly.

4. Check your pockets before doing your washing.

The last thing anyone wants to realise half-way through a washing cycle is that their phone is nowhere to be found, only to retrieve it a while later from amongst your clothes. Check your pockets for valuables before they go through the wash.

5. Don’t give in to cheap multi-deals on alcohol/shots.

Nights out with your friends can be some of the highlights of your time at university and your safety is just as important. Be careful of cheap multi-deals on strong alcohol and know your limits. If you feel you’ve had too much to drink, Guildhall Walk Healthcare Centre is a safe space between 10:00pm and 3:00am on Fridays and Saturdays.

6. Don’t leave essays until the day before the deadline.

Assessments are a serious part of university, whether it’s an exam, project or essay. Avoid the late night rush and potential library all-nighter by planning ahead and getting the work finished in advance of the deadline.

7. Empty the bin before it turns into a giant, smelly game of Jenga.

Moving into student accommodation for the first time can be an exciting experience. Though living with new people can present its own challenges, especially when it comes to household errands. Simple tasks like emptying the bin when it’s full is far easier than after it becomes a giant game of dirty Jenga. Try setting up a rota to make sure everyone is sharing the household tasks fairly.

8. Don’t eat noodles and take out every day

At the end of a long day of lectures it’s easy to order a takeaway or reach for that packet of instant noodles in the cupboard, but after a few nights your bank account will start to feel the strain. Try out a couple of meals that are quick and easy to cook to resist the urge to order fast food.

9. Stay out of your overdraft.

With all of the deals and offers on student bank accounts, it’s easy to overlook small details. Most student accounts come with 0% overdraft, though it’s important to remember that this often large amount is not free money. At the end of your degree you will have to pay back the balance. The easiest way to avoid this is budget throughout the year and not spend your overdraft.

10. Do your washing up.

It’s easy to set a plate down after dinner and promise yourself it’ll get done tomorrow. Dirty dishes can build up quickly, especially with more than one person living in student accomodation. Doing your washing up regularly will avoid piles of dishes and keep the communal areas clean and tidy.

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