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Uni shopping essentials

Once you're all settled and moved into your new student accommodation, it's time to start thinking about going shopping. Violet, George and Sophie from our Sabbatical Team went on a trip to a local supermarket to help guide your first official uni shopping trip.

Let’s go!

When you arrive at your chosen supermarket pick up a basket or grab a trolley, it will make the trip much easier. 


Toiletries are an easy thing to forget when you pack to come to university. And there is a lot of choice with what to get. If you haven't already brought them with you remember to pick up the basics: shampoo, soap or body wash and some toothpaste. 

Kitchen appliances

Most student accommodation will already have basic appliances like kettles and microwaves. If yours does not, talk to your housemates about equally splitting the costs of any communal appliances you may need, before you buy them. 

Fruit and vegetables

Supermarkets will often have deals on select items at the end of the aisles, these are a great opportunity to pick up some cheaper offers on fruits and vegetables. If you're worried about it going out of date too quickly, frozen is always an effective alternative. 


Whether you're a meat eater or a vegetarian, protein is important to remember when you go shopping. 

Cupboard essentials

Supermarkets will often sell large quantities of dry cupboard essentials like pasta and rice a reduced rate compared with buying multiple smaller packs, as well as a long expiration date which makes them perfect for student cupboards. 

Toilet roll

Toilet roll is always an essential purchase when you go shopping. Talk to your housemates and agree whether you are going to take turns buying a pack, or whether you are all buying your own personal supply. 

Cleaning products

Cleaning products are an essential at university. Whether it's disinfectant spray, washing up liquid, or toilet cleaner at some point you are going to need them. Talk to your housemates about splitting the cost of products to clean the communal areas. 


As long as you have room in your budget there's no harm in getting a few treats every now and again, but don't go overboard and blow the budget on ice cream. 

Washing supplies

There is a lot of choice when it comes to what to wash your clothes with. One of the easiest options is washing tablets, you just put a single tablet into the machine along with your clothes. 


While it's not a physical item to buy it is important to remember to shop around and look for the best deals available to make your weekly shop more affordable.

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