Online submission and printing costs covered!

After over a year of lobbying and overcoming hurdles the Union President and VP Education & Democracy have had a landmark proposal passed by Academic Council

The proposal sets out that:

The majority of text based pieces of coursework will only have to be submitted online and not printed off for hand in, in person.


If the course requires you to print a piece of coursework off your department MUST cover the costs.

James Belmonte, Union President took to Facebook in celebration and said "What a way to finish our term in office, the days of students having to fork out extra money on printing credits is over."

Reflecting on the changes one student said "this passed year cost me over £200 in printing" and another said "this is actually massive, big up yourselves"

The Sabbatical Officers finish their term in office on Friday this week and combined with the recent announcement that there will be four printers installed in the Union Building, that offer free printing, for students next year means there will be mass savings for students across the board when it comes to completing course work.

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