Meet your Sabbatical Officer team for 2017-18

Sabbs are elected each year to lead the Union and represent the needs and interests of students

The Students’ Union is led by a team of five elected students, known as Sabbatical Officers or Sabbs. Together, the Sabbs represent all University of Portsmouth students and work at every level of the University to help improve your student experience and create positive changes across campus.

For the 2017-18 academic year, the Union (a registered charity) is led by five new officers and graduating students, who took office on 1st July 2017.

James Thompson - Union President

Union President

Hi, I’m James and I am a 21 year-old digital marketing graduate from Crawley. In my role as President I will be representing Portsmouth students and making sure their voices are heard. 

I really enjoyed my time as a student at Portsmouth and was heavily involved with Union media throughout my three years here. To date my involvement with student media is one of my proudest achievements, in particular my time as Editor of Pugwash Magazine, which definitely helped me settle into university. I am most looking forward listening and acting on the student voice and enriching the student experience during my time as president.

I am really excited, along with the rest of the team, to have already completed our first month in the office together! So far we have had some really useful training sessions and met some inspirational leaders from the NUS and other Student Unions across the country. From our training sessions, we’ve learnt about the importance of shouting about who we are and what we do - so expect more regular updates from your friendly neighbourhood Sabb team soon!

Anita Butler - VP Welfare & Community

VP Welfare & Community

Hi I’m Anita and in my role I will be acting as the link between students, welfare and the community. I am a marketing graduate from Havant, which is situated just outside of Portsmouth. 

I decided to come to the University of Portsmouth, not because it was close to home, but because I like fact that the campus spans the city. I think having a city campus encourages students to venture out and get to know the area better.

I am passionate about animal welfare, I was in the University of Portsmouth women’s rugby team and I enjoy exploring different places to eat and drink. In my role I am most looking forward to talking to students, working with the local community and championing mental health at the University.

Angel Layer - VP Education & Democracy

VP Education & Democracy

Hi I’m Angel and I’m a second year Law and International Relations student from the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. I suppose you could say that I came from one island to another when I started University!

In my role as VP Education & Democracy, I work very closely with the University's faculties and schools to ensure the quality of your academic experience is always high. Last year, Sabbatical Officers successfully lobbied the University to encourage online submissions and cover the cost of printed submissions. I am most looking forward to networking and ensuring students are represented within the University.

I enjoy learning German and Spanish and practising these in my spare time. I've already has some experience as a representative, appearing on both Sky News and the BBC during the 2015 General Election to discuss various election issues relating to young people.

Amber Mathurin - VP Activities

VP Activities

Hi I’m Amber and my role involves supporting societies and student media and their development. I ran to be VP Activities because I feel passionately about everyone feeling included whilst at University. 

I studied Media and Entertainment Technology at Portsmouth. In my spare time I mainly like to socialise but also enjoy photography. I'm a big foodie and have a great passion for cooking.

A fun fact about me is that I had a surprise appearance on a TV show. My friend organised for my car to be customised to look like a festival, I was very shocked but it did look quite cool. You might see me driving it around Portsmouth so keep an eye out! 

Marcus Campopiano - VP Sport

VP Sports

Hi I’m Marcus and in my role I will be acting as the student voice for Sports at the University. I come from Brighton and have an MSc in Sports Performance. 

As VP Sports I am most excited to help revolutionise sport at the University and positively influence as many students as I can.

I played in the cricket, rugby and hockey teams while at University and was also involved in the Ski and Snowboard Club.

One fun fact about me is that I am a Guinness World Record holder for playing the longest indoor cricket match! 

Becoming a Sabbatical Officer

Each year, the Union holds elections to select the next five student leaders of the charity. You don’t have to have any previous experience to run in an election - you just have to be a University of Portsmouth student!

Sabbs work full-time for 12 months and receive lots of great training and experience (become a trustee of a charity and a director of a limited company). You can run in your final year and become a Sabb upon graduation but you can also take a ‘sabbatical’ and have a year out from your studies before returning to your course.

Elections are typically held in early March with nominations opening before the Christmas break. Visit www.upsu.net/elections to find out more and look out for messages from the Union nearer the time!

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