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The Future Union survey is now open to all University of Portsmouth students. Your feedback will form the foundation of the Union’s next strategy, launching August 2018.

What is Future Union?

Future Union is an ongoing project and vision to transform the Students’ Union into an agile and responsive organisation that will work to meet the needs of all students, both now and in the future.

The University of Portsmouth Students’ Union (UPSU) was established 25 years ago, and has provided all manner of experiences and opportunities, helping students to love their time at university. 

Students have also changed a lot in that time and continue to evolve; in future, students may be very different to how they appear and behave now.

We are evolving...

At twenty-five years old, we have recognised that the current Union model has not kept pace with changes in higher education or the student population and does not continue to deliver for every student. 

As a charity, it is our legal responsibility to advance the education of University of Portsmouth students and we believe we can do this best by ‘listening to and acting on the student voice’.

To achieve this aim, the Union is undertaking a review to improve the work that we do on behalf of all University of Portsmouth students. We want to create an even better Union, one that is flexible and agile enough to react quickly to the changing needs and interests of our members.

Driven by our members feedback, we are now plotting a course for 2025 and creating a ‘Future Union’ model that delivers for all students now and tomorrow.

So what's next? What will change?

This year, we are developing the Union’s next strategic plan, an important set of objectives that will be adaptable and flexible to meet the changing needs of students for the next 25 years. Our new three-year strategy will be active from August 2018 and take us to 2021 - half way through our journey to being an agile and responsive Students’ Union by 2025.

We are building new functions and standards for how we deliver our services; soon we’ll stop doing some things that don’t impact students and start doing other things we’ve not done before, to help us deliver what our members need - in turn, helping our small charity to become more efficient and effective.

We’ve already established a new insights team to start having more conversations with students so that we can begin our journey to deliver services and activities students need.

We will continue to keep students informed of any key changes and communicated openly and transparently about how they may be affected by them.

To keep up to date with the Future Union project here, where you can read the latest updates and sign-up to take part in the process.

  Future Union

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