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The Student Food Project: Everything you need to know

Third year Graphic Design student Alex Harvey founded The Student Food Project in 2015. Today, the website has flourished into a hub of innovative recipes and helpful cooking tips, all designed with students in mind.

The mission of The Student Food Project (TSFP) is to change the way that students eat while they're at university. The Union will be posting content from The Student Food Project to help them achieve this mission. 

TSFP: About

Alex Harvey, founder of The Student Food Project

The Student Food Project was established in 2015 at the University of Portsmouth with a clear mission to change the way people eat while they’re at university. When you think of student food, things like instant noodles, take-aways and ready meals probably come to mind. The Student Food Project demonstrates how easy it is to cook your own food from fresh ingredients while you’re at university. They do this by providing recipes and resources to students online, at events and on campus. 

Alex plans to expand the project to universities across the UK in order to show more and more students how to cook their own meals.

Want to get involved?

The Student Food Project have a growing community of student foodies who contribute their own recipe ideas and tips. If you have something you'd like to contribute, simply email and tell them your idea. 

Keep your eyes peeled

Look out for recipes from The Student Food Project on in the future. We will be sharing easy-to-follow videos via our social media channels as well as recipes and helpful tips. 

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