Our Annual Members Meeting: being transparent about what we do

All students at the University of Portsmouth are invited to see what we do with our money, to have your say on which companies we affiliate with and vote on policies that affect you.

What is AMM?

The Union’s Annual Members Meeting (AMM) is an opportunity for students to understand how the Union spends its money, approve affiliations to other organisations and ask elected officers questions about their achievements and plans for the year.

How do I get involved?

This year AMM is held in two parts.

AMM Roadshow

The first is a roadshow around campus running from Monday 27th November - Friday 1st December from 10am-4pm. At the roadshow you can speak to elected officers about the documents going to the big meeting. You can also submit questions for the officers to answer at the big meeting.

AMM - The Big Meeting

This is the main event. Follow the link below to see the documents that will be looked at during the meeting. Any questions submitted at the roadshow will be answered at The Big Meeting and students in attendance can also ask questions.

If you can’t attend the meeting you can tune in online via the Union’s Facebook Page and vote at anytime during throughout the event.

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