Student Elections

Get ready to vote in the Student Elections

It’s almost time to vote to decide the new leaders of your Students’ Union.

The Student Elections voting week is happening soon, and this is your chance to elect the new leaders of the Students’ Union.

From 10am on Monday the 26th February until 6pm on Thursday 1st March voting will be open for all students to choose the next Sabbatical officers.

Student voting in voting week

All students are eligible to vote in the elections, and during the voting week there will be various locations on campus for students to vote, as well as voting online.

There will be stations open in the Library from 10am-8pm and at the Union from 10am-5pm, and various roaming stations will be at key university buildings. You can also submit your votes online at anytime - it couldn’t be easier to vote!

The elections use the transferable voting system, which means you rank the candidates by number in order of preference.

The Students’ Union is run by 5 Sabbatical officers, the President, and 4 Vice-President’s or VP’s; VP Activities, VP Education & Democracy, VP Welfare & Community and VP Sports.

They are students elected by fellow students, and they have the power to make real changes and shape your time at university, and you get to choose who they are. It’s your chance to help decide who gets to lead your Students’ Union and represent you.

It’s really important to vote and to have your voice heard, and help elect the students who can make positive changes and help expand your experience at university.


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