Why laughter really is the best medicine

Feeling stressed about exams? Try taking a break and having a laugh! Laughing has been proven to help reduce stress levels and in more ways than one...

1. Hormones

Laughter has been proven to reduce stress hormones like cortisol and increase positive endorphins. Not only that but it also suggested that it increases anti-body producing cells, making your immune system stronger.

2. Internal Workout

Ever laughed so much your tummy hurts? That’s because laughter gives your body an internal workout. It exercises the diaphragm, contracts the abs, works the shoulders and the heart - leaving your muscles feeling more relaxed. Laughing could be a fun way to cut down on the ab crunches!

3. Positive Perspective

Laughter can be a great distraction from negative emotions like stress, helping you look at things with a more lighthearted positive perspective.

4. It’s contagious

Just like smiling, laughter is contagious! Laughing with others will help improve their stress levels and can improve social interactions.

5. Fake It…

Did you know that your body can’t distinguish the difference between real and fake laughter? You’ll still get the same benefits and often fake laughter becomes real laughter.

Fancy trying something new? Why not check out the Ted Talk about Laughter Yoga, sure to have you laughing in no time.


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