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VP Activities launches Drug Harm Reduction campaign

The campaign was submitted as a Have Your Say idea last term. It has since been passed, with over 100 votes from students.

VP Activities, Amber Mathurin, is has started her drug harm reduction campaign, which will be going on throughout this term. The campaign aims to educate students on the negative effects of taking drugs. 

In acknowledgement that some students may still choose to take drugs, drug testing kits will be on offer from the Union Advice Service to help reduce the use of drugs with additional harmful ingredients.

Amber said: “The campaign is essential for changing societal ideologies on drug use in the university community. I think it’s really important to take a harm reduction approach to drugs as opposed to a zero-tolerance stance. It is integral that students feel comfortable enough to talk about their drug use, so they are able to get the information and advice they need."

"It is important that we provide students with the information they need to educate themselves on the negatives of taking drugs. However, it is also vital to acknowledge that young people may still wish to take drugs, so we must educate on how to take them in the safest way possible.”

Amber spoke on BBC Radio Solent about the campaign. Listen to the full interview by following this link (skip to 1:39:50): https://www.bbc.co.uk/programm...

We've spoken to Astoria nightclub owner, Alistair Ritchie, to find out his approach to preventing students taking drugs while on nights out. 

Alistar Ritchie, said: “We fully support the Students' Union's drug harm reduction campaign. Drugs play a negative part in both a social environment and in the wider community and I believe that any accurate education will have a positive effect. We are aware that our venues and events are obvious places for them to be used. Our policy on drug use is very clear and we work incredibly close with the authorities, and we have sniffer dogs attend at random. Our management team is very experienced in the effects of drug abuse, and we all want to work to minimise the risk of drug abuse at our events."

Students can find out more by emailing Amber via amber@upsu.net.

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