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BBQ season in the city: do’s and don’ts

We all love a bit of sun and the first thing that often goes through our minds is enjoying a barbeque with friends. Here's some tips to help you plan your BBQ properly.

Everyone wants to make the most out of living in a seaside city, especially when the sun it out, and that can often involve lighting up a barbecue. 

It's absolutely fine to buy a disposable BBQ and enjoy some food with your friends on a green spot around the city, just make sure it's in an allocated BBQ zone (see below). 

Where to BBQ:

Whether you're barbecuing in public or in the garden of your student accommodation, here's some useful tips to stay safe: 


  • Make sure you’re in a BBQ zone
  • Find a place away from fire risks such as hedges
  • Ensure you have a secure and level base
  • Use a BBQ that comes with a stand
  • Keep children, pets and ball games away from the BBQ
  • Light the BBQ with recommended lighters, NOT petrol
  • If you’re using a gas BBQ and suspect a leak, turn it off immediately
  • Cook your food thoroughly
  • Bring water with you to carefully put your BBQ out


  • Light your BBQ with petrol or any other flammable material that is not specifically recommended
  • Leave your BBQ unattended
  • Put other rubbish in a BBQ bin (black with red top)

Disposing of your BBQ

  • Make sure your BBQ is fully extinguished and cold
  • Dispose of it in a black bin with a red top
  • Use litter bins nearby for all other rubbish

For further help and information, contact the Council's Community Wardens on: 0800 085 3840 or their Visitor Services on: 023 9282 6722 (9.30am– 5pm daily).

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