National Student Survey

Portsmouth Students’ Union top five in the region for student satisfaction

80 per cent of final year students answered Question 26 of the National Student Survey (NSS), asking: “Does the Students’ Union (association or guild) effectively represent students’ academic interests?”

National Student Survey results have revealed a 61 per cent student satisfaction rating for the University of Portsmouth Students’ Union (UPSU), putting us in the top five for the region and in the top ten of Alliance Group Universities.

UPSU's national rankings grew from 52nd to 47th, despite eleven additional Students' Union's taking part after taking the decision to boycott last year.

Question 26 of the survey is focused on the role of the Students’ Union and how it supports students academically.

UPSU President, Violet Karapaseva, speaking at the Union's strategy launch

Over the past year, UPSU has worked closely with Portsmouth students and their elected officers to successfully represent their academic interests. Academic changes in the student interest this year include: 

  • Free printing facilities 
  • Online submissions to stop high printing costs
  • Training for Course Representatives.

The University of Portsmouth Students’ Union (UPSU) has undertaken a major change process over the past three years. It's new strategy, launched this month, has been designed to further support and engage students throughout their academic journey.

President of UPSU 2018/19, Violet Karapaseva, said: “It’s incredible to know that Portsmouth students are satisfied with the work of the Union in representing their academic needs.”

“I am proud that we have been ranked in the top five for Union's in the region and feel confident that our new direction will help us to further represent students academically, allowing us to better our score for next year.”

The University received a 88 per cent student satisfaction rate, taking them from 25th to 19th in the national rankings for institutions.

University of Portsmouth Vice Chancellor, Graham Galbraith
University of Portsmouth Vice Chancellor of the University of Portsmouth, Graham Galbraith, said: “We want the very best for our students and I am delighted that our students have an amazing experience here in Portsmouth. The Students' Union play an important role in shaping our student experience, and I'm delighted to hear that students highly rate the academic support provided by the Union.  

“Students comes first at the University and are central to everything we do. We deliver a world-class education, enriched by work placements, innovative technology and an excellent support infrastructure, to prepare our students for their future careers.

The National Student Survey is a nationally recognised annual survey of all final year undergraduates in the UK. Students are asked to provide honest feedback about their time at their institution and the results are used to better the University experience for future students.

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