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Union urges students to give their feedback on parking in Portsmouth

Portsmouth City Council are consulting the public on two proposed Residents' Parking Zones (RPZ) in Southsea.

Letters providing details of the permit restrictions have been sent to properties around Orchard Road and Bramble Road, the areas where the new Residents' Parking Zones are being proposed.

Students residing in these properties are encouraged to provide their feedback, to ensure the student voice is reflected in Council decisions about parking zones in the city. All feedback needs to be returned to the Council by the Thursday the 20th of September. 

The University actively encourage students not to bring a car to the city where possible, as parking is limited and residential permits are often required. Thinking of bringing your car to Portsmouth? Read this article from the University before making a decision. 

Parking is seen as an issue in the city, with many full-time residents finding it difficult to find spaces to park. Many areas are now permit parking only and in order to get a permit, Portsmouth City Council specify the car needs to be registered at a Portsmouth address on the DVLA records.

The Union's Sabbatical Officer team sent a letter to the Council earlier this month asking them to consider students as part of the consultation. 

Vice President of Education and Democracy at the Union, George Pykov, said: "Regardless of the tight turnaround the council have given residents to respond to this consultation, I would strongly encourage every student that will be affected by these new residential parking permits to share their opinions.

"Students are residents of Portsmouth and are extremely important to the economy of the city, whilst simultaneously making positive contributions to Portsmouth's community. Our collective voice will be heard loud and clear by those at the top"

Any students residing in an RPZ should be aware that permits are only issued to vehicles registered to an address within the respective parking zone.

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