Calm Corner

How to attend Freshers’ Fayre and avoid the hustle and bustle

We know some students can find Freshers Fayre incredibly overwhelming. That's why the Union Advice Service is launching its new Calm Corner, a space for students to find the information they need in a relaxed environment.

Freshers' Fayre takes place every year in Freshers week to showcase the incredible array of student groups the Union has to offer.

The one-day event is bustling with life, for some this is the exciting first glimpse of freshers week but for others this can feel incredibly daunting.

The Union Advice Service is making it it's mission to combat that by offering a Calm Corner for students to go during the event. The Calm Corner is open to those students who may be feeling overhwelmed, it will offer a peaceful space to come to receive information about the Union and the student groups to get involved with.

Calm Corner will be situated in the Union Advice Service, just left of the main entrance to Freshers Fayre in the Union's Gun House building. The space will include calm music, water to drink and colouring in books to help students to focus their mind on other things.

If you decide to attend the event and start to feel daunted, please find a member of the Union team (dressed in purple) who can take you to the Calm Corner.

If you'd like to speak to a member of our Advice team, please email or call 02392 843478.

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