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Nominations for the Autumn Elections are now open!

Be a part of making decisions that will impact the wider student body by nominating yourself in our Autumn Elections!

Work towards making a difference around the University by nominating yourself for one of the below roles in the Autumn Elections! 

Faculty Rep role

The main purpose of the Faculty Rep role is to represent and oversee the Course Rep system on a Faculty level. 

Role requirements:

  • Support and motivate Course Representatives and Student Staff Consultative Committee (SSCC) Chairs
  • Ensure the Union is informed of any Course Rep or SSCC Chair training requirements.
  • Advise on democratic processes such as elections, representation and accountability within the Course Rep system.
  • Ensure that the views and opinions put forward at senior levels are representative of the students within the Faculty. 
  • Work closely with staff at the University and attend meetings on behalf of the students in your Faculty.

*Note: Faculty Reps will be expected to attend the second Rep Conference, which will be held in Richmond Building from 1pm - 5pm on the 24th October. If you cannot attend, please do still apply, but let us know as soon as possible that you cannot attend.

Union Actioning Body (UAB) Chair role

It is the the UAB Chair's role to chair meetings and hold accountability sessions within the UAB. Read the full role description here.

Unlike the Network Chairs and other UAB members, the UAB Chair is directly elected by the student body, for the 2018/19 year this election will take place in October 2018, and they will remain in post for one year before before the next election. A UAB Chair may only serve for a maximum of two terms of office.

Want to know more about UAB? Click here to find out more.

NUS Delegate role

The National Union of Students (NUS) is a representative body for students and Students' Union's across the country. An NUS Delegate is an elected student who attends the National NUS Conference on behalf of the Students' Union to vote on suggested changes by the body. 

Elected NUS Delegates must be available from Saturday the 7th - Friday the 12th of April and be able to travel and stay in Glasgow. Travel and accommodation will be provided for you if successful. NUS require that a minimum of 50% of candidates must identify as female.

Voting will be held between the Monday the 15th and Thursday the 18th of October, with the results being revealed on the website after midday on Thursday the 18th.

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