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Over 15,000 students sign up to groups this September

Over 15,000 students have signed up to groups and societies since the beginning of term, after meeting the groups at Freshers' Fayre and taking part in Give it a Go sessions. 

This year's Fresher's Fayre was a huge success with over 12,000 students attending to find out more about the student groups and societies on offer. We also successfully launched an app for student groups to use during Freshers' Fayre in order to store student data safely. 

*Note: We are aware that there are issues around some students joining groups due to the University being yet to share member data for international exchange students. These issues are in the process of being resolved.

Joining a group or society at University

Joining a group or society is a great way to form long lasting friendships and gives you an outlet to de-stress and focus on something entirely different to university work.

Whether you're already interested in trying something or fancy giving something new a go, we offer an extensive catalogue of sports and societies and there is sure to be something for everyone! 

And if you can't find the group for you, why not look at forming or adopting a group that you are interested in? Find out how to do this at

You can also climb the ranks of your club or society by becoming a committee member. Committee roles are open to all members of the club and can help you gain incredible leadership and organisational skills. 

Read a story below from Anna who joined Kayak club in her first week at University and went on to become a part of the club's committee.

"My university experience would not have even been comparable if I hadn’t have got involved with sport. In my first year I lived with my boyfriend. I didn't want to move to a city and only surround myself with his friends, so I joined a group. For me that was a really big thing. It didn’t feel natural for me to go to something and not know anyone, but I knew I had to. I fell in love with it. I’ve made friends that I know will be friends for life. Friends that I still talk to every single day even though they’ve left university. Friends I’ve been travelling with, seen the world with. They dragged me through my breakup - they’ve literally been there through the peaks and the troughs. When I look back at university now, it’s the kayak club - not the course. It’s everything that group of people offered me."

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