University bus allocation agreed for Langstone

The university bus will now stop at Langstone on Monday's and Tuesday's from 2:30pm-10:15pm and Wednesday's from 11:30am-10:15pm.

The new University bus route came into effect from September, with one of the biggest changes being that the bus no longer stops at popular training ground, Langstone. 

Students have since been campaigning for the bus to stop at the sports ground, in order to make it easier for students to attend training. 

The issue first came through as a Have Your Say idea and was quickly accelerated to the University by the Students' Union and VP Sports, Charlotte 'Bean' Beaney. The idea was clearly important to many students, with the idea achieving 32 backers in just one day.

Concerns were raised with the University who dealt with the issue quickly, putting in allocation for the bus to stop at Langstone with immediate effect on Monday's and Tuesday's from 2:30pm-10:15pm and Wednesday's from 11:30am-10:15pm. 

The bus will pick up students at Cambridge Road, make a stop at the Albert Road/Fawcett Road Bus Stop and straight onto Langstone. On the way back it will only drop students off (same bus stop) and will not pick any new students up.

The University will be regularly assessing the bus service as part of an ongoing review. If you'd like to submit any feedback to the University about the bus service, please fill out this survey

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