Review Union policies scheduled to lapse

A number of Union policies and student ideas from earlier years are due to lapse. Students can have their say and request that any are heard again at the Union's upcoming Annual Members' Meeting.

The Union's Annual Members Meeting (AMM) will be held on Monday 3rd December in Third Space. Ahead of this important meeting, where our members can review the Union's work, there are a number of existing policies and student ideas previously submitted due to lapse that can be heard again at AMM at the request of students. Any student can email before 12 noon on Wednesday 28th November and request that one or more of these ideas are put to a vote at AMM.

What is this?

The Union has a democratic structure called Have Your Say where students can submit ideas to make changes or improve their student experience. After 2 years we do a health check at Annual Members Meeting (AMM) on the ideas to see if they are still relevant and are something that students want the Union to focus on or adhere to.

Have Your Say was only introduced in 2015. Prior to this ideas were called motions which acted as a similar way of making change.

At this meeting there is an opportunity to highlight past ideas or motions that you feel The Union should keep.

Each year in advance of AMM the Sabbatical team review all ideas to identify whether they are policy or not.

This year AMM is in two parts. The first part is a Roadshow held across campus in the week commencing 26th November followed by AMM Meeting on Monday 3rd December.

What do I have to do for this item?

There are 2 policies and 40 ‘ideas’ due to lapse. If you want any of them to go to be considered for approval you will need to email . If you wish to speak about any of these then you will need to let us know in the email to

We will then put them forward for a vote at the meeting. We encourage you to read these before the meeting. A link can be found in the associated documents. We ask that you identify the ones you feel are worth keeping and the ones you feel are no longer relevant.

Before the AMM Meeting: If you wish put the items to a vote you will need to email us or if you wish to argue strongly for or against keeping any of the policy lapse items at the meeting then you will need to email by no later than 12 noon on Wednesday 28th November. As time is limited Policy lapse discussion will be taken on a first come first serve basis or on the most popular policies students wish to discuss which will be limited to three policies. Any policy lapse that you request a discussion on that does not get reviewed at AMM will be sent to the first UAB in the new calendar year and members will be invited to discuss and vote for it here rather than at AMM.

At the Roadshow: Get updates from the officers on any progress regarding the policy lapse items

At the Big Meeting: The ideas/policies will be available and the most popular ones will be discussed. You will be asked to vote to keep or remove the policy/idea.

Policy Lapse - This page will link you to all the ideas that are up for consideration

If you want to ensure any of the policy above is voted on at AMM or if you wish to discuss one of them you will need to please email outlining which policy you wish to keep and whether you would be interested in talking about it

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