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How to enjoy the Christmas break without a hangover

For some of us, Christmas is a great excuse to get merry with friends and family. Alcohol isn't always the secret to a good time though, try these great tips on how to celebrate alcohol-free.

1. Know your own mind

Don't fancy a drink? Then don't say yes if someone offers you one. They won't care if you have a soft drink instead and it means one less day without alcohol, over what can be a heavy drinking period. 

2. Embrace the now

Focus on enjoying the atmosphere of wherever you are, rather than the drink. Get into whichever conversation you're having, take the time to appreciate the music and look around the place you're visiting.

3. Find your mocktail

You know your favourite alcoholic drink but we bet there's loads of exciting mocktail flavours you haven't tried yet. Why don't you set yourself the challenge of finding your favourite mocktail this Christmas?

4. Look forward to special occasions

We're not saying never drink, just be aware that you can say no sometimes. Look forward to those special evenings out and pace yourself so that you can enjoy the evening more.

4. Know your limits

Everyone has a limit to the amount they can drink. Be aware of when enough is enough, having too much can not only ruin the night for you but for your friends too.

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