Be an active bystander

What to do if you witness harassment on a night out

Speak up or step in to disrupt a problematic situation or to keep it from escalating.

Sometimes you just get a feeling that a situation isn't right, maybe someone is being too pushy, making inappropriate comments or even touching someone when they shouldn't be. 

Such behaviour can be confronted in a way that doesn't put you or anyone else in danger. Here's a few steps on how to intervene safely: 

1. Let someone else know

The more people that become aware of the situation mean more people who are able to intervene or support you to do so. 

2. Ask the victim if they're ok

Before getting further involved, ask the victim if the behaviour is distressing them and listen to what they have to say.

3. Ask the victim if they want to leave 

Make sure they get home safely by asking if they want to leave with you, dissolving the situation with whoever is causing them issues. 

Work with your friends to be safe

1. Have a plan

Know what your friends what from their night out. Do they want to drink a lot? Are they looking to meet someone? Knowing that information will help you to see more quickly whether a situation is wrong.

2. Go out together and come home together

Look after one another, make sure you're all there before you head home. 

3. Diffuse situations

If you see someone coming on too strong, step in and subtly ask your friend if they can go somewhere with you.

4. Trust your instincts

If something doesn't seem right, remove yourself from the situation as quickly as you can. 

If you're unable to diffuse the situation or feel in danger, call the police via 999. 

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